How Does Alaskan Jade Differ From Chinese Jade?

Answer Alaskan jade is one of many types of green rock bearing the sometimes misleading title of jade. As a gemstone, jade is broadly separated into two distinct classes: jadeite, which is the Chinese for... Read More »

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What is chinese jade?

The Chinese saying, "Gold is valuable but jade is invaluable" sums up many of the feelings and traditions linked with Chinese jade. While it was once a treasure limited only to the wealthy, today m... Read More »

How to Collect Chinese Jade?

A jade or jadeite is a green stone that is mined in Burma and carved throughout many locations around Asia. Jade, according to the Antique Jades website, "are a touchstone to ancient Asian history ... Read More »

What is the meaning of chinese jade?

Jade has played a significant role in Chinese culture since ancient times. The precious stones remain popular today as good luck charms.HistoryThe first jade was discovered around 10,000 BC in the ... Read More »

How to Play a Chinese Jade Flute?

The Chinese jade flute, or dizi, has been an integral part of China's music, culture and society for many hundreds of years. The Chinese prize these instruments for their beauty and the quality of ... Read More »