How Does Acne Leave Scars?

Answer The steering stabilizer on your vehicle acts as a shock absorber for the steering system. As the tires hit a bump in the road, the steering stabilizer minimizes the impact so that the steering whee... Read More »

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Is it true that acne can leave scars?

It certainly can leave scars but I would say that it is a good thing that you are trying to get it cleared up right now. The younger you are, the more resilient your skin is and the better chance ... Read More »

Does Ambi cream work as far as getting rid of acne not just acne scars?

Hi I used Ambi on my face, and it actually did help my acne a little. It really helps to make your skin tone even. It fades out any dark spots and blends everything together. Basically, it is suppo... Read More »

Does peircing leave scars?

It depends where you'll have your piercing. I had a piercing on my eyebrow and once the skin on my eyebrow grewout i'm left with a scar on my eyebrow, but to me it doesn't look that bad people bare... Read More »

Does popping big zits leave scars?

Yes, do NOT pop them. Instead use this. I found it and it works miracles! It only takes a couple of days too! This is what it looks like. It's called Stridex! Read More »