How Do i know if i broke my hand?

Answer Go to a doctor or try to move it a bit.If it hurts when you move the hand almost all the time it's broken.

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What do i do if i broke my hand?

go to the doctor as soon as possible. keep your hand elevated on a pillow until you get to the ER as it'll reduce inflammation (icing it will do so too). take painkillers as the docs will make you ... Read More »

Would you know if you fractured or dislocated your neck right away Would you know if you broke it ?

Calm down. You didn't break it, you would already be paralyzed if ou did. But you should see a doctor if possible.

How do i know if i broke my arm?

If you can't move it, go to the doctor! This is not a good sign. You want to get it checked because some breaks can cause nerve damage or blood vessel / circulation problems.

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