How Do You Use Herbal Incense?

Answer There is no research based on the long term effects of most research chemicals, which is why they're considered so dangerous. We don't know what happens exactly when used heavily, or the kind of (... Read More »

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Is smoking herbal incense bad?

Smoking anything is harmful to your lungs. It is just best not to smoke.

Trying Herbal Incense for the first time?

Where can i begin to quit herbal incense?

The symptoms you mentioned are definitely from the smoking. It is great that you realise you are doing something wrong. Begin by lessening the amount you are smoking. Find activities and hobbies to... Read More »

How to Make Afghan Herbal Incense?

Used to induce states of deep peace and relaxation, Afghan herbal incense is thick and strongly scented -- made from a combination of three different trees. There are several ways to make incense a... Read More »