How Do You Tie a Tourniquet It's an Emergency! Need to Know Fast!?

Answer The problem with tourniquets is that if you don't go to a doctor you will lose the limb. They will have to amputate it. It used to be that simply applying a tourniquet to stop bleeding meant your... Read More »

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I need to know if my processor's speed is fast or slow?

Yes its Slow! But u can play ur Roller Coaster 3 Platinum bcz this needs minimum 1 Ghz and u have 1.8 Ghz.I am also on Win 7 Ultimate with Intel Pentinum 2 GHz dual core processor. So if ur procees... Read More »

How do I know if this is a paper cut! NEED HELP FAST PLZ?

pretty sure if you "cut yourself on paper" its a paper cutyes you have all the charastcs of paper cuts... THEY HURT SO SO SO SO SO SO BAD!!!! bandage it.

I need to know places I can work if im 16 other than fast food?

Many stores will hire you at 16, but you will have to ask at each store, because policies vary. You also might look at being a hostess in a restaurant. If you are a strong swimmer, lifeguards are i... Read More »

Help! I need to know what I can for a random drug test that's fast, handy and gaurenteed?

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