How Do You Tie a Tourniquet It's an Emergency! Need to Know Fast!?

Answer The problem with tourniquets is that if you don't go to a doctor you will lose the limb. They will have to amputate it. It used to be that simply applying a tourniquet to stop bleeding meant your... Read More »

Top Q&A For: How Do You Tie a Tourniquet It's an Emergency! ... to bring down blood pressure fast?

Nitroglycerin.For emergency situations, the best thing is to get your mother to a hospital, or call her physician.There are many medications on the market. For hypertension, there are beta-blockers... Read More »

What's the best cloth for a tourniquet?

Muslin bandage is by far the best material to use......................

How to Apply a Tourniquet?

If there is ever an emergency, one way to be ready to help any wounded person or animal is to know the proper way to apply a tourniquet to a wound and, more importantly, when. It should only be use... Read More »

How to Tie a Tourniquet for Blood Work?

A tourniquet used for venipuncture restricts blood flow. The tourniquet causes a vein to swell, which makes the vein easily accessible for blood drawing. It's important when using a tourniquet to n... Read More »