How Do You Test for Low Potassium?

Answer Healthy potassium levels are essential to proper nervous system function. If you are experiencing symptoms of low potassium levels or undergoing a medical treatment known to affect potassium concen... Read More »

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How to Test for Potassium Iodide?

Scientists refer to chemical tests that confirm the presence or absence of particular chemical species as “qualitative analysis.” Such tests form the basis of a number of undergraduate laborato... Read More »

Test for a Primary Alcohol Potassium Dichromate?

Potassium dichromate is the active ingredient in a breathalyzer. Alcohol exhaled into the breathalyzer initiates a chemical reaction that indicates the amount of alcohol in the breath, therefore in... Read More »

What will help leg cramps I heard Potassium. What foods have potassium?

My potassium is to high how do i get it to a normal stat, and what causes high potassium in body?

The kidneys normally excrete excess potassium from the body. Therefore, most cases of hyperkalemia are caused by disorders that reduce the kidneys' ability to excrete potassium.There are no at-home... Read More »