How Do You Test a 12V Relay?

Answer A 12 volt relay is an important component in the electrical system of modern cars and trucks. Relays switch the power to high current drawing devices to minimize the distance that large gauge wires... Read More »

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How to Test a Car Relay?

A car relay is a particular kind of remote-control switch. It is magnetically operated and is used to control electrical circuits from a distant point. It controls electrical components like fuel p... Read More »

How to Test a Relay?

Relays are discrete devices (as opposed to integrated circuits) that are used to allow a low power logic signal to control a much higher power circuit. The relay provides isolation of the high powe... Read More »

How Can I Test a Headlight Relay?

The headlight relay is a very important component in any vehicle's electrical system. It connects the headlights with the electrical power source that allows the lights to operate. The headlight re... Read More »

How to Test an Automotive Relay?

Automotive relays are used to control any accessory that draws more than 30 amps of current, including power windows, lights, fog lights, air conditioner, fog horns, heated windows and many other a... Read More »