How Do You Scan Comic Books Without Hurting Them?

Answer Practice on something other than the comic book, but when I need to copy or scan a page from a book or magazine without folding it back or causing damage to the single pages, I just line the page u... Read More »

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How to Buy and Sell Comic Books?

Comic book conventions are a fun way to meet buyers and sellers.Buying and selling comic books can be a fun hobby, a lucrative business or both for comic book enthusiasts. Those in the comic book t... Read More »

How are comic books created?

Comics are a collaborative effort. A writer prepares the script before sending it out to a layout artist. After that an inker makes the artwork polished and permanent. Then a colorist scans and col... Read More »

How to Store Comic Books?

Ever wondered how to keep your Superman collection, Archie books, and other collectible comics in great shape for future generations? Whether you're keeping comics for sentimental value or as an in... Read More »

How to Preserve Your Comic Books?

Comic book collecting has become a popular hobby in the last several decades. If you're fortunate enough to own mint-condition comics from the 1940s and 1950s, you'll want to store your comic books... Read More »