How Do You Scan Comic Books Without Hurting Them?

Answer Practice on something other than the comic book, but when I need to copy or scan a page from a book or magazine without folding it back or causing damage to the single pages, I just line the page u... Read More »

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How to Make Homemade Comic Books and Sell Them?

So you want to draw comics and get some credit? In this article, it will take you through all the steps of making comic books and then selling them!

How to Tell Someone You Don't Want to Date Them Without Hurting Them?

So s/he asked you out.....but you don't like him/her, s/he's not your type or you're just not interested but you don't want to hurt him/her because s/he's a friend.

Birds nested under my deck before I started cutting the grass. How do I get them out without hurting them?

I'm guessing the birds you are seeing are these?…If so those are robins...1. Now, take a breather...You don't need to worry about moving them. Robin chicks... Read More »

Cats keep using my garden as their public toilets. How can I keep them away without hurting them Any ideas?

Go to a pet store our shop online dirt is a product you sprinkle in the soil.