How Do You Scan A Picture To Your Computer?

Answer Did you plug a USB CABLE from the printer into the PC USB port?That is what it is asking for duh!Plugged a flash drive in, LOL!!!! No wonder our country is doomed.

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How do you scan a picture onto your computer?

Well, you have to have a scanner and a computer, and the scanner needs to be hooked up to the computer.Go into any photo editing program / photoshop, illustrator, etc... and Import from Scanner.A n... Read More »

How to scan your picture to your computer?

Put the picture in the scanning portion of the printer (obviously), plug into your computer via USB, open a photo editor/manager (Paint for Windows, iPhoto for OSX), go into the file menu and selec... Read More »

Is there a device in which you can scan pictures you draw and turn them into picture files for your computer?

yes, you can use a picture scanner. I personally use a HP scanner you can get one @ best buy.

How do i scan an picture to the computer?

You can scan a picture manually, or, through the use of software. The simplest way is to just place the item to be scanned on the glass, in the corner indicated by the arrow, then press the scan ... Read More »