How Do You Rotate a Shape About an Indicated Point in Geometer's Sketchpad?

Answer Geometer's Sketchpad is an computer software program used to create and manipulate lines, shapes and construct different geometrical features. Sketchpad is often used in classroom settings as a too... Read More »

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How to Find an Equation of the Tangent Line to the Graph of F at the Indicated Point?

The derivative of a function gives the instantaneous rate of change for a given point. Think of the way the velocity of a car is always changing as it accelerates and decelerates. Although you can ... Read More »

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Writing a comparative essay in a point-by-point format is one of the most straightforward papers to write. As long as you give yourself plenty of time to plan the paper, you'll have little, if any,... Read More »

About Face Shape?

Every individual has a natural face shape that affects the way certain hair styles, colors, eyebrow shapes, makeup and even eyeglasses will look. Understanding face shapes, and the styles that best... Read More »

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