How Do You Open a Gateway Laptop?

Answer As laptops become more advanced they get smaller and faster. The majority of the time you're glad your laptop is a sleek small model that's easy to tote around. When you want to take apart your com... Read More »

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How to Open the Case on a Gateway 7422 Laptop?

A Gateway 7422 laptop case can be removed to access internal parts of the laptop, such as the cooling fan and motherboard. The laptop case protects the internal parts from dust, debris and accident... Read More »

How to Open the Back of a Gateway MX6214 Laptop?

Replacing parts in a notebook computer can frustrate people who have no prior experience working on laptops, especially if they don't know how to get into their computers. The bottom of a notebook ... Read More »

How do I open a Gateway desktop?

Opening a Gateway Midtower ComputerShut the computer down, and unplug all cables connected to the computer. Locate and push the computer's release handle. Open the computer by swinging the case dow... Read More »

How do I open a Gateway MT3419 notebook?

Locate the LatchView the front of the Gateway MT3419, and locate the LCD panel release latch on the upper half of the computer. The latch is centered and is silver in color.Slide the LatchSlide the... Read More »