How Do You Manually Remove a Rootkit Infection?

Answer Rootkit infections can wreak havoc on your computer, rendering it nearly inoperable. The biggest trouble with rootkits is their sophistication and ability to adapt in a way that makes them virtuall... Read More »

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How to Remove a Rootkit in Windows XP?

A rootkit is a computer program designed to hide deep within a computer's operating system and provide its creator remote access to your system and all its installed files. According to Microsoft, ... Read More »

How do i remove a hidden rootkit?

gmer or tdsskiller both are very good and free get at or

How to Remove a TDSS Rootkit?

The TDSS Rootkit is a malware infection that hides on the computer while it performs malicious activity. The TDSS Rootkit stays hidden in the background processes of your computer while it redirect... Read More »

How to Remove the SHV4 Rootkit?

The SHV4 rootkit is a malicious software program used to infect and take over Linux computers. If SHV4 infects your server or desktop Linux computer, the third-party who installed the rootkit has c... Read More »