How Do You Make The Letter "R" Backwards?

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How do you make a video backwards?

You need a high Quality Video editing program, running on your Computer, Transfer your Video to your Computer, put the Video on the Timeline, then follow the Video. If your using a Video Editing ... Read More »

Make a video go backwards on videostar?

Make a scene in the video, go to edit last, then you'll see reverse as one of the options.

Is it possible to make a clock tick backwards?

Yes, an anolog clock is easy enough. Just open it up and put the positive wire where the negative wire goes and vise versa. It will magically sping backwards...seriously.

Can a wall of speakers actually make you fly backwards?

No... same as a gun never makes anyone fly thru' the air, as in films!! Hollywood got it wrong! They tested the theory over and over, using different pistol, rifles and machine guns!! NOTHING!! So ... Read More »