How Do You Know Your Appendix Burst And What Do You Do?

Answer First of all, if you have any indication that your appendix burst, there is no way, and there should be no reason to try and make the pain go away. Don't take aspirin, don't do anything but go to ... Read More »

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What causes your appendix to burst?

G'day Vail2073,Thank you for your question.Appendicitis, or epityphlitis, is a condition characterised by inflammation of the appendix. While mild cases may resolve without treatment, most require ... Read More »

How do you burst your appendix?

Well it's believed that the appehendix may be a sort of poison storage unit, thus ingestion of poisons would likely cause it to eventually burst as it can only take so much.I had a lot of poisoning... Read More »

Is my appendix about to burst?

you should tell your parents if you are running a fever, or if it hurts to press on this spot. If it only hurts while you are moving, it may just be a strain, or pulled muscle. Burping after soda... Read More »

How do you know if you have burst your eardrum?

Anencephaly means having "no brain", quite literally. It is a congenital (genetic) condition whereby most of the brain and spinal cord is missing from an infant, and what part of the brain is prese... Read More »