How Do You Know If a Chocobo Is Male or Female in "Final Fantasy 7"?

Answer Breeding chocobos is one of the most entertaining and useful side quests in "Final Fantasy 7." Certain areas in the game can only be accessed with a specific breed of chocobo, so you need to become... Read More »

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How Do I Get the Black Chocobo on "Final Fantasy IV NDS"?

Final Fantasy 4 (FFIV), is a tale of redemption, love and high fantasy. It was originally released for the Super Nintendo in the mid 1990s, but has since been re-released on the Game Boy Advance an... Read More »

How to Catch a Chocobo in "Final Fantasy VII"?

"Final Fantasy VII" was both the first "Final Fantasy" game on Sony's original PlayStation and the first Squaresoft game to ever be produced for the PC. At one point in the game, you must catch a C... Read More »

How to Make a Gold Chocobo Fly in Final Fantasy 9?

Once you've completed the lengthy process of acquiring a gold chocobo in Final Fantasy IX, you'll want to utilize your new bird's flying ability to explore some of the game's previously inaccessibl... Read More »

How to Catch a Chocobo in the "Final Fantasy X-2" Mini Game?

The chocobo mini-game is an entertaining diversion throughout the main plot of "Final Fantasy X-2." Once you've gathered your own herd of these giant birds, you can send them in search of treasure ... Read More »