How Do You Insulate the Cap of a Pickup Truck?

Answer The modern truck cap is made with fiberglass, a suitable material because it can be molded into many shapes and is strong. One of its weaknesses, however, is that it doesn't have a very high R-valu... Read More »

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How to Insulate an Old Truck Cap?

Insulating your old truck cap can make your hunting and fishing excursions a bit more tolerable when the weather gets nasty. Most truck caps come with no insulation they are simply metal stretched ... Read More »

Is a pickup truck a straight truck?

Pickup trucks generally have one frame, making them straight trucks. All axles attach to a single frame in a straight truck, whereas in an articulated truck, separate frames support the axles. Arti... Read More »

Who made the first pickup truck?

The first pickup truck was made by Ford in 1925 and cost $281. It was based on the Model T and was modified to include a truck bed and stronger suspension.Source:Pick Up Truck: Model T History

Can you die from exhaust in a pickup truck?

Truck and car exhaust contains high levels of carbon monoxide, a toxic gas. It can be lethal if you breathe it continuously in a closed, non-ventilated space. Non-lethal exposure can cause headache... Read More »