How Do You Get Taller if You're a Short Kid?

Answer If your child is the shortest in his group of friends, there are ways to help him grow big and strong, so that he can avoid any height-related troubles in his future. Learn the tips, tricks and tec... Read More »

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How do I Appear Taller & Skinnier If Short?

Fashion affects nearly every part of our society, and with the popularity of average height to taller women, some shorter women are looking to lengthen their appearance, as well as to hide any extr... Read More »

Is 5 feet to short for a 13 year old What should I do to grow a lot taller?

Your fine, and there is nothing you can do to grow taller faster. Drink milk though, it will make your bones stronger.

How to Make Yourself Look Taller & Slimmer If You Are a Short Male?

Few are blessed with a perfect physique. Fortunately, knowing what clothes are right for your frame, and wearing clothes that perfectly suit your body helps you look better and feel better. If you ... Read More »

I'm 13 years old. Will I ever grow anymore taller Any tips Am I short 10 points?

You might grow a bit more, but don't hold out for a miracle.Most girls don't stop growing completely until they are between 17-19, so there is still time. However, unless you have some taller relat... Read More »