How Do You Get Mawile in "Pokemon Sapphire"?

Answer In a Pokemon trainer's quest to "Catch 'em all," he is going to need some help with filling out the last few lines of his Pokedex. "Pokemon Ruby" and "Pokemon Sapphire" were released at the same ti... Read More »

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"Pokemon Sapphire" Guide: How to Change Pokemon in the Menu?

"Pokemon Sapphire" was the first Pokemon game -- along with its sister game "Pokemon Ruby" -- for Gameboy Advance. In addition to a graphical upgrade, Nintendo also streamlined the game's interface... Read More »

How to Get All Three Starter Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire GBA?

Follow these instructions to get all 3 starter Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire for GBA.

How to Get a Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire?

A Pokemon of a different color is often referred to as a "shiny" Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon are incredibly rare, and unless you're playing Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum, there's no way to increase... Read More »

How to Get Up Mudslides in "Pokemon Sapphire"?

Bikes are necessary vehicles to complete the entire "Pokemon Sapphire" game. Although players can only have one bike in their possession at a time, they can choose and switch between the Mach bike ... Read More »