How Do You Get Higher Ratings on Your Profile on "Meez"?

Answer Meez is a virtual reality-based interactive website where teens can create and design a three-dimensional Meez avatar and interact with their friends and other Meez community members. Meez members ... Read More »

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Who has higher ratings between Jay Leno and David Letterman?

To let the local newscasts have room for more commercials.

How to Choose Appropriate Movie Ratings and Television Ratings for Your Teenagers?

This is a step by step info on how to decide what is appropriate for a younger teenager and an older teenager when it comes to TV and movies.

How to Put My Meez VIP Card on Meez?

Meez is a social networking virtual reality-themed website where teens and other users can create and design three-dimensional avatars, socialize in virtual hangout spots and participate in gaming ... Read More »

Why does comcast raise their rates all the time why don't they be like direct tv etc and just have a set price that doesn't keep getting higher and higher?

It's not Patrick Dempsey in the commercial. That's why the actor is so blurry and out of focus. It's a lame attempt by Direct TV to make you think they have a celebrity endorsement.