How Do You Fix the Power Plant in "Pokemon: Gold Version"?

Answer When you first come across the power plant in "Pokemon: Gold Version" for the Game Boy Color, you will discover that it has been sabotaged by Team Rocket and that a vital part has been stolen and h... Read More »

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How to Get a Fire Stone in the "Pokemon Gold" Version for the GBA?

The Fire Stone is a special item in the Gameboy Color Game "Pokemon Gold" (also playable on a Gameboy Advance) that allows players to evolve their Pokemon. This means players can turn their Vulpix ... Read More »

The True Way to Get Celebi in "Pokemon Gold" Version?

There are two ways to obtain Celebi, the grass/psychic rare Pokemon, in "Pokemon Gold" for the Nintendo Game Boy. The first is to go to an official Pokemon event and receive Celebi from a Nintendo ... Read More »

What is the strongest pokemon in gold version?

In "Pokemon Gold Version," there are a total of 251 Pokemon, none of which is specifically the strongest one. Legendary Pokemon, such as Ho-oh, Raiku, Entei and Suicune, are all very powerful as so... Read More »

How to Find a Very Strong Electric Pokemon for the Gold Version?

Electric-type Pokémon, such as Magneton, Electabuzz, Lanturn and Flaaffy, are important to any well-balanced team, and are super effective towards flying and water Pokémon. It is easy to find the... Read More »