How Do You Find the Mass of a Gas in a Container?

Answer Cannisters hold gases at a high pressure and a fixed volume The mass of gas within the cannister depends on the quantity of gas in it, which the number of atoms of gas that it contains. This figure... Read More »

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Does the size of the container that holds a gas determine its mass?

The mass of a gas depends on both its volume and its density. Just as a cement brick has more mass than a foam brick of the same volume, denser gases have more mass than low-density gases of the sa... Read More »

How to Find the Mass of Crystals?

Mass is the measure of how much matter an object has. The most precise way to measure the mass of an object is to use a triple-beam balance. It works by balancing the object with the unknown mass a... Read More »

How to Find Mass Percentage?

Mass percentage is one of the ways to express the concentration of a dissolved substance in a solution. Mass percentage refers to the ratio (expressed in percents) of a mass of a compound in the so... Read More »

How to Find the Mass Number of an Element?

The periodic table of elements offers a small amount of information about the various elements, such as the atomic number and the atomic weight--also known as the atomic mass. One thing that isn't ... Read More »