How Do You Figure Interest Rates on Automobile Loans?

Answer Though not common because most car loans have shorter terms, refinancing the loan at a lower interest rate might be advantageous if your interest rate is high enough. If you do not know your curren... Read More »

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The Best Interest Rates on College Loans?

Interest rates are a major deciding factor on which loans to seek. This is especially so where student loans are concerned and the interest may likely be accruing up to a period of 10 years or more... Read More »

How to Redo Student Loans for Lower Interest Rates?

Loan consolidation is an option available for individuals desiring to lower student loan interest rates. This process involves a consolidation lender negotiating a pay off agreement with your prese... Read More »

Can anyone recommend me some places where they provide Student Loans with low interest rates?

Talk to your school. If your financial aid is going to be coming through many schools understand this and will not make you pay your fees up front because they know that the financial aid will cov... Read More »

Can any student loans be consolidated at current very low interest rates to help us financially?

8.5% interest is not high. Credit card rates, today, are much higher - often up in the 20% or higher range. A mortgage is at a lower rate because you have put collateral up - your home. If you defa... Read More »