How Do You Do a Whole Number & a Fraction on a Texas Instrument Calculator?

Answer Texas Instruments is a widely used brand of calculators. Most calculators have the default of showing decimals rather than fractions or mixed numbers. A mixed number is a whole number and a fractio... Read More »

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How to Do Whole Numbers & a Fraction on a Texas Instrument Calculator?

Texas Instruments produces scientific calculators. By inputing the fraction into the calculator, you can add, subtract, divide and multiply fractions. Texas Instruments also produces graphing calcu... Read More »

How to Do Fraction Mixed Number Subtraction on a TI-30XS Calculator?

The TI-30XS is a scientific calculator. As such, you can add and subtract mixed numbers. A mixed number occurs when you have a whole number and then a fraction. Using the TI-30XS is easier than doi... Read More »

How to Calculate a Fraction of a Whole Number?

A fraction is a partial number and includes a numerator and a denominator. For example, in the fraction 3/4, 3 is the numerator and 4 is the denominator. The denominator designates the number of eq... Read More »

How Do I Multiply an Improper Fraction to a Whole Number?

Fractional math follows rules that are different from math with other number types. A fraction is composed of two whole numbers or integers separated by a short line segment, called its solidus. A ... Read More »