How Do You Create Those Cute Symbols?

Answer alt1 ☺alt2 ☻alt3 ♥alt4 ♦alt5 ♣alt6 â™ alt7 •alt8 â—˜alt9 â—‹alt10 â—™ alt11 ♂alt12 ♀alt13 ♪alt14 ♫ alt15 ☼alt16 â–ºalt17 â—„alt18 ↕alt19 ‼alt20 ¶alt21 §alt22 â–¬alt23 â†... Read More »

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How do u make those cute symbols like ♪♥♫◦°°◦°°◦♫♥♪'s?

♥¥†☼♣☻۩♠Let me see if I can explain this. Type ♥ (but type hearts in lowercase)¥ (again, lowercase)† (yes, lowercase)Or....go into START, All programs, Accessories, ... Read More »

Cute Symbols ♪♥♫◦°°◦°°◦♫♥♪'s..?

I agree with chapin4ever's answer.and the three digit number is the ASCII equivalent of the symbol.

What do you call those pictures that are made out of symbols from your keyboard?

It's ASCII art.There are MANY different images you can make. See the link below!,____,// '`

How do you get those weird symbols like the music note and temperature degree in your answers and profile?

click start/all programs/accessories/system tools/ character map.Find what you want and double click it, then click copy.Find the spot you want it to be, and press Ctrl+v and it will paste there.