How Do You Convert a Random Variable to an Integer?

Answer While a variable may seem random, a variable is a representation for an integer. Either it is an unknown integer which must be solved for, in order to determine which integer it represents, or it i... Read More »

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How to Do an Integer Equation With a Variable and Subtraction?

Integers are the whole numbers, negative and positive, that appear on a number line through an infinite range. An integer equation is a mathematical statement that uses these integers to represent ... Read More »

How to Store a String Variable in Integer Type?

When using a programming language, it is often necessary to store one type of data as another. In the case of a program that takes customer information data, the customer's telephone number may be ... Read More »

How to Convert a Motor to Variable Speed?

Electric motors operate by converting electrical current into rotational mechanical movement; the greater the current, the faster the motor rotates. Electrical current supplied by a battery, a tran... Read More »

How to Convert a Fixed Gear Bike to Variable Speed?

Before you convert your fixed gear bike into a variable speed bike, you need to check two important features. First, the frame must be wide enough to accommodate a wider hub and the additional gear... Read More »