How Do You Change a Monroe Piercing?

Answer A Monroe piercing, also called a Madonna piercing, is named in honor of these celebrities' beauty marks. The piercing goes through the upper lip and off to one side. The jewelry worn in a Monroe pi... Read More »

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Tongue Piercing & Monroe Piercing questions?

i have a lip piercing & a lip piercing DOESN'T HURT AT ALL . its like a little 3 sec pinch then its over . put it does swell for like 3 days then it goes down . the best thing for you to do is suck... Read More »

How to Get a Monroe Piercing?

The art of body piercing remains a strong part of our culture, so it's only natural that the list of piercing locations has grown and will continue to grow. A piercing that's growing in popularity ... Read More »

Do I look good with my monroe piercing ?

Monroe piercing jewelry?

you could buy a labret in the piercing shop or get one online and either get him to do it or do it yourself. Both options are equally as safe.If you are nervous or likely to get squeamish about th... Read More »