How Do You Change Pictures From Color to Black & White in Quark?

Answer Some versions of Quark (version 7 and later), a popular graphic layout program, allow you to change the pictures that you insert into your documents from color to black and white. This is a conveni... Read More »

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How could I make black& white pictures with some color?

A black-and-white photographic image with a small area of color can sometimes be viewed in an art gallery or seen in an art book dedicated to photography. Creating such an image requires a good eye... Read More »

With today's color HD technology, why are ultrasound pictures so crappy in resolution & in black & white?

The resolution isn't crappy, especially on newer ultrasound machines, it's just the way the soundwaves appear when displayed on the screen. The images can be very crisp/fine, but it is just display... Read More »

I tried to dye my short white even though they were black is there anyway I can change the color a dif color?

Soak them in bleach until they turn white, then you can either keep them white or dye it another colour.

How to Change a Color PDF to Black and White?

PDF files often contain large color images or design elements that can use up your printer's color ink or make the document a larger file size. To avoid these issues, you can convert a PDF document... Read More »