How Do You Catch a Saltwater Shark?

Answer Shark is an arduous game fish to find and catch, because they are a lot more perilous to land in a boat than other saltwater fish. Along with being fun and complex, the act of collecting shark for ... Read More »

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How to Catch a Shark (in the Bay)?

Sharks are the feared kings of the sea that many of us are intrigued by. Have you ever wanted to catch one for your self? Here's how you get one of these beautiful monsters on your boat!

How to Catch a Shark Off a Jetty?

Fishing for shark is a challenging experience -- partly because of the animal's reputation and partly because of the fight it puts up -- especially when it comes to technique and gear. Sharks are t... Read More »

How to Catch a Shark Off of the Pier?

Fishing from piers is a popular pastime for anglers in coastal areas, and many such sportspeople catch a surprising variety of saltwater species from piers along the Atlantic or Pacific coasts. Amo... Read More »

If you want a saltwater pool can you just put salt in and let the pool pump do the rest or do you need to have a saltwater system?

Answer You need a saltwater system. The unit converts the salt (NaCl) to chlorine gas (Cl) within a chamber using electricity then (almost) immediately converts it back again to salt. The cycle is ... Read More »