How Do You Calculate Velocity?

Answer Velocity differs from speed because velocity is a vector, meaning it takes into consideration direction. When you give a velocity, it refers to motion in a specific direction. For example, if a rac... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Average Velocity?

Average velocity differs from average speed because velocity uses displacement instead of distance traveled. For example, if you did a lap around a 1-mile track, finishing where you started, your d... Read More »

How to Calculate Sonic Velocity?

Sound travels through different gases at different speeds at different temperatures. You can calculate sonic, or sound, velocity easily enough with a simple formula based on the ideal gas law, a la... Read More »

How to Calculate Escape Velocity?

Explains how to calculate the speed necessary to escape a planet's gravity.

How to Calculate Velocity and Pressure?

Velocity and pressure are two concepts in scientific measurement regarding the effects that various stimuli have on an object. Velocity is the measure of the rate of change that an object has over ... Read More »