How Do You Access An FTP Server?

Answer Use the host's ftp address or use the URL as the Host address WITHOUT the http:// part of it and then just enter the Username and Password. The normal port is 21 for FTP.I use FileZilla which works... Read More »

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What is a client access server?

The Client Access server is the name of one of the five main server roles that the Microsoft Exchange 2010 server uses. The Client Access server accepts connections to the Microsoft Exchange 2010 s... Read More »

How Can You Access Your Xubuntu Server From the Internet?

Xubuntu is a version of the Ubuntu Linux operating system, and like Ubuntu, it features a Remote Desktop application that lets you remotely connect and control the computer from anywhere on the Int... Read More »

How to Allow Remote Access to an Asp.Net Development Server?

An ASP.NET development server is a computer running Windows 2008 and all the server development services used to create desktop and web applications. The team developers need control of the ASP.NET... Read More »

What is another term for a remote access server?

Media gateway is another term for remote access server. A media gateway or remote access server allows users to access the Internet from places that connect to a company’s Internet server provide... Read More »