How Do Wireless Network Adapters Work?

Answer A wireless network adapter is also called a wireless network interface card, a wireless network interface controller and a WNIC. The purpose of a standard network adapter is to translate the format... Read More »

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Will Xbox wireless adapters work on a PC?

The Microsoft-manufactured network adapter is a USB-powered network bridge intended to work with other box consoles only, not PCs. Although a computer will detect the presence of a Xbox wireless ne... Read More »

Will a wireless n network card work with a wireless g router?

Wireless N devices are backwards compatible with G devices; therefore, a wireless N network card will work with a wireless G router. However, the transfer speed will be slowed to that of the wirele... Read More »

Does wireless N card work with wireless G network?

A wireless 802.11n card can work with a wireless 802.11g router, according to Consumer Reports. However, the wireless 802.11n card will only work at 802.11g-level speeds. Thus, you need a wireless ... Read More »

Are wireless USB adapters as good as wireless cards?

USB wireless adapters are good but for maximum range, a card with an external antenna usually has the best range. USB wireless adapters with an external antenna are rare. Often there is a large dif... Read More »