How Do U GooGle Yourself [Ex.Your Myspace, Your Details etc..]?

Answer Dont just google your name these people are fools. You need to google the name you use on that site. So your screen name could be anything.Another good way is to search your email address.

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Myspace custom details section -details in question.?

alot of the sites that have "layout designs' & 'custom backgrounds' also have "contact tables". Just liek you do with the background, you select a design youlike and copy the code and paste it in ... Read More »

How to Hide Details on MySpace?

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Is the auto fill button the google toolbar safe to use E.g. is it safe to put your personal details in there?

Because of recent scares over 'identity theft'' I would keep personal details to myself as much as possible. It is probably safe but we do not know the skills of hackers. If they make a living fi... Read More »