How Do Termites Get Into the Wood?

Answer Termites can cause a lot of damage to a home or other structure before you even know they are there. Instead of creating noticeable holes in the wood right away, termites eat wood from the inside o... Read More »

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Do swarm termites eat wood?

Swarmer termites do not eat wood. Instead, they are sent as scouts to find potential suitable areas for the development of a new termite colony. However, white worker termites do eat wood and can d... Read More »

Do termites only eat wood?

The main diet of almost all termites is some form of plant fibre (cellulose) and they get this from the soil, grass and trees. Some eat only fungus. Lots will eat other termites from time to time B... Read More »

How fast do termites eat wood?

The rate at which termites eat wood depends on the size of the colony attacking the wood. Termites burrow into wood and multiply. A mature colony consisting of 60,000 termites takes 2 to 3 years to... Read More »

Cedar Wood and Termites?

In cartoons, you just hear the word "termites" and suddenly there is a swarm of insects that devour, piranha-like, all the wood in sight within seconds. The reality is a slower process, though some... Read More »