How Do Salt Lamps Work?

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Do salt lamps work?

On One Hand: They Release Negative IonsSalt lamps have been proven to release negative ions into the air. This occurs when water molecules are absorbed into a heated salt lamp, neutralized and rele... Read More »

Himalayan Salt Lamps?

I happen to have a few hundred pounds of salt lamps in the house (and gave away quite a few), but purely because I find them pretty (and I got a really incredible deal on them before the department... Read More »

What are the benefits of himalayan salt lamps?

Himalayan salt lamps are nature's air purifiers. The lamps have negative ions in the salt crystals which help relieve symptoms of certain health disorders and help cleanse the air. Additionally, th... Read More »

Can salt crystal lamps absorb moisture?

A salt crystal lamp does absorb moisture due to its hydroscopic properties, so it is best to avoid areas of high humidity or placing the lamp outside. The lamp surface will feel slightly damp when ... Read More »