How Do Pre-Paid Phones Work?

Answer With prepaid cellphones, customers simply pay a set amount for services ahead of time. Prepaid phones are ideal for customers who want control over their phone costs or those whose bad credit preve... Read More »

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Do android mobile phones work on pre-paid sim cards?

I highly recommend any android powered device... including the HTC wildfire. I personally think that HTC makes the best phones and the android operating system is better than the iphone operating s... Read More »

How do you make Head phones work in your laptop my head phones work but will not play music from the internet through them?

earplugs hurt your eardrums more because the earplugs fit right in your ear and it`s just hurting ur eardrum but headphones cover your whole ear and it is not right in your ear whole!! lol ....

Can you do paid volunteer work in Canada without a work visa?

Any person who engages in an activity in which wages or a commission is earned is considered to be working in Canada and not just volunteering, therefore they need to acquire a work permit, accordi... Read More »

How do Go phones work?

GoPhone is a term trademarked by AT&T for its prepaid and pay-as-you-go cellular phone services. A GoPhone works like any other cellular phone, except the billing is structured differently.Pay-As-Y... Read More »