How Do Piston Rings Rotate in the Cylinder Bore?

Answer Piston rings refer to circular, springy metal seals that fit into grooves set in the pistons of an internal combustion engine. Piston rings rotate in the cylinder bore, the internal diameter of the... Read More »

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What Forces Make Piston Rings Rotate?

Piston rings refer to open-ended rings designed to fit in piston grooves in an internal combustion engine. Forces act on piston rings to set them into rotational motion.

How to Hone a Cylinder When Replacing Piston Rings?

Cylinder honing refreshes the inside surface of a cylinder after it has been taken apart in an engine rebuild, especially when a new piston and piston rings will be used. The honing process is not ... Read More »

How to Measure the Piston Bore Size in a Chevy 350?

Your Chevy 350's bore is an important measurement for its power, torque and general performance. The bore is the diameter of the cylinders, and the wider the bore the more effective the 350's compr... Read More »

What Is the Bore in an Air Cylinder?

The interior diameter of an air cylinder equals its bore. This measurement helps determine the use and maintenance needs of a particular air cylinder.