How Do Microwave Ovens Heat Food?

Answer Since its inception in 1945, the microwave oven has been an essential component of the kitchen. Percy Lebaron Spencer, the microwave's inventor, channeled the power of the sun to cook with radiatio... Read More »

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How much is amtrak food Also do they have microwave where you can heat up the food you brought with you.?

The prices vary on the food item, but they are more expensive than buying it yourself in the store. The microwaves are not for passenger use out of the risks of food safety and liability.

Do microwave ovens change the chemical composition of food?

On One Hand: Microwave Heat Changes Chemical StructureMicrowaves work by producing electromagnetic waves which excite water molecules, causing them to rotate and heat the molecules nearby. As a res... Read More »

Can you heat food in a metal container in the microwave?

On One Hand: Not generallyMetals and microwaves don't work and play well together, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Food Safety and Inspection Services. Food absorbs microwaves,... Read More »

Why does my microwave oven not heat up food/drink anymore?

The light , fan. and any turn table operate separately then the micro wave facility... it's broken