How Do Insurance Companies Equate the Value of a Property for Deductibles?

Answer In the wake of heavy losses from earthquakes and hurricanes, and especially since Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, many insurance companies have changed the way they apply deductibles to homeowner's ... Read More »

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What source do insurance companies use to value a car?

Insurance companies may determine a car's replacement value using the Kelley Blue Book, or by averaging prices of cars sold in the customer's area. The car's worth is then generally placed in betwe... Read More »

The Best Online Property Insurance Companies?

It's the worst thing that can happen to someone who owns or rents a home. A fire can cause significant damage, or some of your worldly goods can be stolen. Imagine not having any insurance to cove... Read More »

What Sources Do Car Insurance Companies Use to Establish a Car's Value?

After you've been involved in a total-loss car accident, doing comparative market research on your vehicle may be the last thing you want to do. When you file a claim with your insurance company, h... Read More »

How do insurance companies calculate the value of a car based on its mileage make and year?

Answer They use a price guide (NADA, Bluebook, etc.). You can look these values up yourself online or at a library (maybe at your bank, too).