How Do IR Ovens Operate?

Answer Choosing whether to cook with gas, electricity, microwave or infrared is a decision that should be addressed according to your needs. Infrared is fast and hot and can cook very quickly but, if you ... Read More »

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How many pizza ovens and cold-rooms space can you operate with 200 amps 600 volts?

To answer this question more information is needed. I have to know what the load of the ovens are and the FLA (full load amps) of the compressors that run the cold rooms. Then using the code book d... Read More »

Do all electric ovens cooktops ranges and clothes dryers operate on 208v as well as 240v?

No, use only the voltage for the appliance that your utility system is supplying to your residence. If your system is 208 volts use 208 volt appliances. Likewise if the utility system is 240 volts ... Read More »

Do Toaster Ovens (Counter-top ovens) fall under the definition of "Electronics"?

I would call that a small Kitchen Appliance better be just like new in the original packaging 90 days. A kitchen radio tv would be electronics. Sears is not like they used to be "satisfaction guara... Read More »

Do convection ovens bake cakes as well as regular gas ovens?

It's interesting and they are looking for new species of animals and plants. The more we know about Antarctica, the better we can protect in. Researchers are recording how global warming is affecti... Read More »