How Do I find my 'Video Controller [VGA Compatible]'?

Answer As long as your computer has access to the internet, you can update or install your video driver w/o finding out who your hardware manufacturer is.Assuming that you are running Windows os,Right cli... Read More »

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What is a video controller vga compatible?

The video controller (VGA compatible) is a type of driver used for a graphics card. If you install a new type of graphics card that is not Windows-compatible, for example, you can download a video ... Read More »

360 Controller Compatible PC Games?

Gamers can use an Xbox 360 controller for PC with PC games that have controller support and sport the "Games for Windows" logo. If the game is also available for the Xbox 360, the game applies the ... Read More »

Is Ben 10 alien force compatible with the gamecube controller?

It doesn't really have a theme song, just a bit of music for the title. Edit: There is a theme song but I can't find it so I can download it.... You can buy it from here...

Is a Logitech dual action controller compatible with Crysis?

The Logitech Dual Action controller may not function properly or at all when used with either version of Crysis. Both Crysis and Crysis: Warhead only officially support the Xbox 360 controller for ... Read More »