How Do I Water Grape Vines?

Answer Dig holes deep enough to spread out the roots and put rocks in the bottom of the holes before planting the grapevines. Rocks help the soil drain and keep the roots from sitting in water. Grapevines... Read More »

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How do I prune& cut grape vines?

Prune at PlantingPrune newly planted two-year-old canes to a height where two or three buds remain on each cane to promote new growth for fruit production. Establish a main trunk on newly planted g... Read More »

How do grape vines grow?

Grapes grow on crawling vines that require support from a fence or trellis. Grapevines prefer warmth, full sun and deep, well draining soil.TypesGrapevines come in many varieties, producing grapes ... Read More »

Facts About Grape Vines?

Grape vines are among the earliest wild plants cultivated by humans and boast a rich and fascinating history. Tough and hardy, in their wild state they'll happily wind themselves around a tree and ... Read More »

What to Feed Grape Vines?

Whether used for wine making or as a fresh afternoon treat, grapes have been a part of human culture since ancient times. Whatever their use, grape vines allure many gardeners who plant them and ea... Read More »