How Do I Use a Slide Rule Citizen Watch?

Answer The Citizen Watch Company, founded in 1918, is the world's biggest watchmaker and is renown for its technologically advanced watches. Slide rule Citizen watches' dial-bezel features the slide rule ... Read More »

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How to Use a Slide Rule Watch?

Slide rule watches feature a series of movable numbered dials that let you perform mathematical calculations, such as multiplication, division, and money conversion. Although numbers on the watch m... Read More »

How to Use a Slide Rule?

Suppose you want to compute 8+15 but you forgot how to add. Would it help if you had two yardsticks? Then you could just line them up so that they are offset by 8 inches. If the 0 lines up with the... Read More »

Uses of a Slide Rule?

Slide rules are essentially analog computers, once widely used for the same purpose as modern digital calculators. These mechanical devices are composed of sliding scales that allow users to perfor... Read More »

Who invented the first slide rule?

The inventor of the first slide rule was the English mathematician and Anglican clergyman William Oughtred, who lived from 1575 to 1660. His slide rule was circular; the straight slide rule was a l... Read More »