How Do I Use a Permanent Coffee Filter?

Answer Permanent coffee filters are both an economic and organic way to brew coffee. The filters, which are a mesh made out of a thin metal, help keep coffee grounds from falling through a paper filter an... Read More »

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How to Convert a Basket Coffee Filter to Use in a Cone Coffee Maker?

The coffee-filter format quandary has confused new coffee drinkers for years. Whether you send a non-coffee drinker out to buy coffee filters or you accidentally grab the wrong type at the grocery ... Read More »

How to Prepare Filter Coffee?

Filter coffee is a beverage enjoyed the whole world round. The perfect morning caffeine boost, or a treat to enjoy with your evening pound cake, coffee is the drink. It's easy to make, just read on.

How to make filter coffee?

Try getting a filter with small holes or use a filter paper. You could add coffee powder to boiling water and allow it to settle.Now you can decant it using a thin cotton cloth. good luck.

Who invented the coffee filter?

A German housewife invented the coffee filter in 1908. Melitta Bentz poked a hole in the bottom of a brass pot and lined it with paper from her son's notebook. The filtered coffee dripped out of th... Read More »