How Do I Use a Parachute for Speed Training?

Answer Running with a speed parachute can be a breakthrough for athletes who have hit a plateau in their training program. The parachutes are strapped to an athlete's chest and billow out behind them when... Read More »

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How often do parachute training accidents occur in US airbourne training?

Oh, yes. I seriously doubt you'd find any military which fields paratroopers which hasn't had parachute-related incidents. Every parachute units deals with the same risks - towed jumpers, jumpers b... Read More »

Does a size of a parachute matter for its speed?

The size of a parachute canopy affects the speed of descent. During descent, an opened parachute catches air, creating "drag." This drag slows the speed of descent as it counters the force of gravi... Read More »

Navy Seal Parachute Training?

The U.S. Navy's prided special forces division, known worldwide as the SEALs, is renowned for its skills at conducting combat operations in a variety of hostile environments, such as the open ocean... Read More »

Power Parachute Training Schools?

Power parachuting is a form of parachuting that uses a vehicle with a motor and propeller that can take-off and land from land or water. Commonly referred to as an ultralight, power parachuting can... Read More »