How Do I Use Propolis?

Answer Propolis is a sticky substance derived from the bark of trees. It is very similar to honey in terms of viscosity and appearance but is bitter in taste. Propolis gains potency when bees suckle it an... Read More »

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How do you use propolis?

The word propolis is attributed to Aristotle, and originating from Greek, it means defense of the city. The term refers to the way honeybees use propolis to close off their hives and keep out intru... Read More »

Bee Propolis & Menopause?

According to Mayo clinic, menopause is a biological process that signals the end of menstruation and fertility. Reduced levels of estrogen during menopause can bring many discomforts including hot ... Read More »

What are the benefits of propolis extract?

Sometimes called hive dross or Russian penicillin, propolis extract is produced by bees using materials gathered from pine trees. Since the ancient Greeks and Assyrians began using the substance to... Read More »

What are the health benefits of bee propolis extract?

Bee propolis extract is a substance that bees use to coat the inside of their hives. People have used it for hundreds of years for its various health benefits, some of which have been substantiated... Read More »