How Do I Use Kevlar Gloves in Fish Cleaning?

Answer Kevlar gloves are made from the same material as bulletproof vests. Their purpose is to protect the hands from cuts and help give a firm grip while cleaning and filleting slippery fish. The gloves ... Read More »

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Why would people wear gloves and a mask when cleaning?

Yes, I often put on a mask to clean/dust/vacuum. I have bad allergies to dust and I don't clean as often as I should, so I have a lot of dust to deal with. I notice that it makes a difference.I wea... Read More »

Ladies do use household rubber gloves when cleaning and washing up?

Yes I do wear rubber gloves when cleaning. Washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, scrubbing the floor, dusting, taking out the trash, and anything else I don't want my bare hands to touch.... Read More »

Are fielding gloves bigger than normal baseball gloves?

The gloves used for infield positions are usually smaller than gloves used in the outfield. Adult outfield gloves tend to be 12 inches to 13 inches, while gloves used by pitchers and infielders are... Read More »

How to Make Fingerless Gloves from Leather Gloves?

Want to make fingerless gloves like the ones you see the bikers wear on TV? It's not that difficult–you just need some time and a pair of gloves.