How Do I Type in a Lower Case Number Two for an Exponent?

Answer An exponent symbolizes the number of times to multiply a base number by itself. The exponent must sit to the right of the base number, and must be smaller and raised slightly higher than the base n... Read More »

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How to Replace Lower Case With Upper Case Hotkeys?

If you want to change a large block of text from lowercase to uppercase, your best bet is to use a hotkey combination that will make the change automatically. Hotkeys, also called keyboard shortcut... Read More »

How to Type a Variable With an Exponent?

Variables and exponents are terms you hear about in most high school or college algebra classrooms. Variables are letters that represent various values. Exponents are numbers that indicate to which... Read More »

How to Find a Number as an Exponent?

Very large and very small numbers can be difficult to read. Scientists devised a way to make such numbers easier to read and to shorten the number of digits required to express them. The system, sc... Read More »

How to Create a Number With an Exponent?

Working with exponents is an important skill in high school algebra. When the exponent is a positive integer, it creates a shorthand way to show repeated multiplication. Negative integer exponents ... Read More »