How Do I Type -Log2x Into My Calculator?

Answer Graphing a term containing a variable is possible only with a graphing calculator. Entering the logarithmic term "-log2x" into the graphing utility of your calculator will display the graph of the ... Read More »

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How to Type Equations Into a Graphic Calculator & See a Graph?

Using a graphing calculator to create graphs of equations can save time. While specific directions for using graphing calculators will vary among calculator manufacturers, you need to follow certai... Read More »

How to Type in Numbers on a Table on a Graphing Calculator?

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How to Put a Cube Root Into a Graphing Calculator?

In a radical expression, the radicand is the number inside the radical, the index is the degree of the radical, such as "2" or "3", which would indicate a square or cube root, and the radical is th... Read More »