How Do I Troubleshoot a Coughing Harley 883?

Answer Coughing in an 883 Sportster has several crude names and can be symptomatic of several minor problems, all of which are easily diagnosed. These are almost always carburetion problems. The carbure... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot Engine Coughing?

Car problems can be scary. When your vehicle begins to behave alternately from what you expect, you never know firsthand what the issue may be or even if your car will last the week. Learning to tr... Read More »

Is my sinus infection getting better, or worse Coughing up more crud, but coughing a lot less than I was...?

You're getting better. Never expect a cough to go away that soon no matter if you have antibiotics or not. A cough will last at least 2 weeks.

How to Troubleshoot a Harley?

Harley-Davidson was founded by Bill Harley and Arthur Walter Davidson in 1903 when they developed a one-cylinder motorcycle. They expanded to 20 employees within three years and started making mult... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a Harley Alternator?

The charging system on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle consists of the battery, the voltage regulator and the alternator. The alternator, in turn, is made up of the rotor and the stator. Located withi... Read More »