How Do I Treat Rose Bushes That Have Transplant Shock?

Answer Transplant shock occurs when a plant, such as a rose bush, is purchased from a nursery or greenhouse, taken home and then planted in the yard. The outdoor environment is very different from the pro... Read More »

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How do I transplant old rose bushes?

Removing the Rose BushTransplanting roses should be done at the end of winter or early spring. Wear gardening gloves, long sleeves and long pants to protect yourself from the thorns. Dig a wide dia... Read More »

How to Treat Transplant Shock in Shrubs?

Transplanting any plant from one location to another risks some degree of transplant shock. This shock, or stress, can even result in the death of the shrub. If you notice signs of transplant shock... Read More »

Have you many fruit trees and rose bushes in your yard?

Love this Q :DI have 1 non blooming pear tree. Does that count? lolI have a bed with 12 rose bushes. They are right outside my bedroom window. I live on 5 acres.. It's beautiful out here (((Cami)))... Read More »

How to Transplant Raspberry Bushes?

Raspberry bushes will provide you and your family with nutritious fruit that can be used to make pies, jellies and jams, or simply to eat by the handful. Some raspberry varieties produce fruit in t... Read More »